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In September 2003, Zhang Zhenhua, Liu Fengchao, Li Wu and Guan Zhaohui decided to end of the history of employed and do some things they wanted to do. So the four people joined forces to establish the “Yutian County Juxing Printing and Packaging Machinery Factory”. They started the dream journey with 90,000 RMB as the start-up capital. Entrepreneurship is difficult, but they put the "quality-oriented, innovation-driven" as the foundation of the industry which add tortuous for them.

Constantly modified, returned and change the machine for the customer is the epitome of the Juxing daily working, but fortunately - this "responsibility for the customer" has not caused the Juxing to die, we continued to move forward; thank you very much for the suppliers who support the Juxing passed the hard time, It can be said that without them, there will be no later "Juxing", so Juxing always grateful to all the suppliers who have cooperated before - in the premise of meeting the principle of cooperation "If you don't give up, I will always support."

“What one loses on the swings, he gets back on the roundabouts.” Innovation brought disaster to the "Juxing", but also for the "Juxing" glowed alive. The product's differentiation due to innovation has made the company's products constantly recognized by the market, and sales have risen year after year. In 2009, it was officially renamed as “Yutian County Juxing Printing and Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.” and upgraded to “Limited Liability Company”.

Over the years, we have continuously researched and developed new products, The marked innovations include: the “double registration” structure of the die-cutting machine; the double paper stack structure of the die-cutting machine; the non stop feeding paper structure.······, In 2011 year, Juxing researched and developed the high speed flute laminator machines successfully, first breakthrough of 12,000 sheets per hour in the industry and showed in Beijing exhibition in 2012, which set off a wave of rapid development of high-speed paper machine in China. Now we have launched a high-speed flip flap machine, intelligent side positioning technology ······. In short, there will always be products that people expect .

Enterprises like the people just a passing passenger in history, but history will certainly record those brilliant moments, and some classics will become eternal. Juxing will continue to use innovation to continue the life of the company and create our glory.