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Common problem

Automatic die cutting machine daily maintenance

With the improvement of production efficiency and product quality, the printing and packaging factory is using more and more flat die-cutting machines in the printing and packaging industry.
The flat die-cutting machine is the key equipment for post-press processing and is an efficient, safety and high-quality die-cutting equipment. However, due to the lack of maintenance knowledge of the operators, the machine has some faults, which directly affects the normal operation of the production, resulting in an increase in the company's production and operation costs. Now summarize some of the knowledge about machine maintenance .     
Automatic die cutting machine maintenance:
First:Daily maintenance: The operator should do the machine cleaning and the lubrication of the transmission parts. A lot of dust and waste paper will be generated in the daily production process. If the cleaning work is not done well, it may block the detection of the electric eye and cause the machine to alarm without cause. If the air is sucked into the developed gas distribution valve, it will cause the paper to go wrong, etc., and various failures will occur, which will not only delay the production but also affect the operator's mood. The operator is in a bad mood. It is estimated that the machine will be abused.
Second: Cycle maintenance: Mainly clean the oil and dust in all parts of the machine, clean all the oil filter valves, all the transmission parts of the machine including the cam, check the machine to eliminate the small faults, and detect the hidden dangers of the machine in time. So the cycle maintenance is also very important。
Third:Annual maintenance: Mainly in addition to doing the cycle maintenance, we must open the oil retaining wall to maintain the main engine, clean the debris inside, replace the main engine lubricating oil, and check the machine at full speed.
 The main action of the die-cutting machine is to move through the worm and the worm shaft. It can not operate normally without good lubrication and cooling during high-speed operation. Lubrication maintenance is divided into daily insurance, weekly insurance and monthly insurance, as follows:
Daily lubrication
1. Machine oil lubrication is applied to the side gauges, gears, cam stroke bearings, lever strokes, feeder head cams and directional joints.
2. The main chain is lubricated and the automatic lubrication unit maintains the oil level and oil number.
Weekly lubrication

  1. The front lay adjustment device lubricated with machine oil and grease.
    2.Front lay, cam lubricated with the oil, side lay drive chain lubricated with chain oil, .spring lubricated with grease.
    3..Feeder's lifting cam lubricated with machine oil, spring  lubricated with grease.

4.Feeder transmission chain lubricated with chain oil.
5.The stripping movement part lubricated with machine oil.
6.The upper plate locking device lubricated with machine oil.
7.The stripping movement part spring lubricated with grease and  the shaft lubricated with machine oil.
8.The gripper lubricated by machine oil.
9.Feeder cam group lubricated with grease.
10.The front lay of paper delivery part lubricated with machine oil.
11.The left and right front lay of paper delivery part lubricated with machine oil.
12.The adjustable press chain lubricated with machine oil.
13.Wipe the machine body at least twice one week to clean the dust
1.The clutch lubricated with grease
2.The secondary positioning block cam device lubricated with machine oil, spring lubricated with grease.
3.Paper delivery chain wheel tension device lubricated with grease.
4.Stripping round-trip motion guide shaft with grease.
5.The stripping movement part lubricated with grease.
1.We should change the main transmission lubrication machine oil  one time every year. 
2.Lubricate the intermittent structure one time every half year.
3.Air compressor should be lubricated one time every three months.