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  • Q Four skills to solve the curve of laminated corrugated paper, and get the reasons of the bending.

    A In the processing of the crater of the color box, the warpage of the cardboard is often one of the important problems that plague the paper product processing industry. In addition to causing die-cutting and lowering efficiency, cardboard wa...

  • Q Die cutting plate making process: six-steps for flatbed die cutting plate making

    A The die-cutting plate is divided into two parts: a die-cutting plate making and a stencil making. The die-cutting plate is composed of a die plate, a die cutter, a creasing line and a die-cut strip; the bottom die plate is composed of a bott...

  • Q The eight identification methods for the paper texture direction are very practical!

    A Since the longitudinal expansion and contraction amount of the paper is much smaller than the lateral expansion amount, if the texture is improperly selected, it is easy to cause many quality defects such as inaccurate printing sleeve, squat...

  • Q Automatic die cutting machine daily maintenance

    A With the improvement of production efficiency and product quality, the printing and packaging factory is using more and more flat die-cutting machines in the printing and packaging industry. The flat die-cutting machine is the key equipment...

  • Q Die-cut master experience sharing: solving the six magic weapons of die-cutting

    A Due to the long time and wear of the die-cutting machine, the chain of the tooth row is loose and elongated. During the die-cutting process, when the chain drags the tooth row outward, the chain cannot be straightened, and the paper with the...

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