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How to purchase die-cutting machines? What are the skills?

How to purchase die-cutting machines? What are the skills?
Juxing Printing Machinery: The model of the company to choose the die-cutting machine first depends on the needs of the enterprise, that is the grade and material of the product, the specifications, the quality, the batch, etc. Choosing the right model can not only help the enterprise to occupy the market better and can lay a good foundation for the further development of the company. Let's look at the specific introduction:
First, we must consider the strength of the enterprise. The financial pressure that can be withstood. The cost-effectiveness of the machine is the most important reason for choosing the machine and try to choose a high cost-effective one. Consider the company's recent needs and long-term development plans and try to consider the two factors. Fourth, consider the supply of spare parts, the convenience and timeliness of personnel training after-sales service. The fifth consideration is the purchase of die-cutting equipment such as die-cutting plate and die-cutting knives.
Second, the procurement of die-cutting machine should pay attention to the paper-feeding structure,paper delivery structure, the main drive structure, the positioning structure, the intermittent stucture, the pressure-applying structure, and the stripping structure, focusing on the main drive system, the positioning structure, the intermittent structure, and the stripping structure. Knowing and comparing the structural characteristics and performance of key institutions as much as possible is critical for choosing the model. If you need to buy medium and low-grade die-cutting machines, you should purchase domestically produced machines. If you need to buy high-grade die-cutting machines, you should combine the production tasks, the accuracy requirements of capital-funding products, the stability and reliability of cost-effective machines, and the after-sales service points and make the best procurement plan.
Third, the procurement of die-cutting machine should also pay attention to its performance indicators, JUXING Printing Machinery - mainly suitable for processing materials, the size or thickness of the die-cut products, the highest die-cutting speed, die-cutting precision, function (such as whether With stripping, secondary stripping, with or without hot stamping , holographic hot stamping, etc.), the highest degree of die cutting pressure automation. Focus on die cutting speed, die cutting precisiondie cutting pressure, although the speed and precision are higher, the more functions, the greater the die cutting pressure, the higher the degree of automation, the better the die cutting machine. But the key factor to purchase the machine is suitable for enterprisesand products requirement.