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Juxing Printing Machinery--What are the skills of selecting flute laminator?

Juxing Printing Machinery-What are the skills of selecting flute laminator?
Flute laminator is simple in structure, high in production efficiency, and adapts to different paper requirements, so it is welcomed by many companies. How to choose flute laminator? The following will introduce you the flute laminator selection skills.
Flute laminator selection skills

  1. Price. Price is one of the important factors that determine production costs and is an important part of factory procurement. Due to the different production capacity, production scale and management mode of each factory, the prices are also different. Therefore, when selecting the price, in the case of ‘do comparison shopping’, it is necessary to ‘go to the market and visit the users’, so that they can have a more accurate and clear understanding of the printing equipment market, and ensure the purchase of appropriate price and reliable performance of flute laminator.
  2. Practicality. Flute laminator purchased by Juxing Printing Machine should meet the economic, reasonable, high-quality and high-efficiency production requirements, which will help improve production efficiency and quality and reduce production costs. The factory must determine the purchase intention of the machine according to the characteristics of its product structure. Small batch, small size products should be selected manual flute laminator for laminating. Large quantity, hard quality of face paper and high quality products should be selected semi-automatic or automatic flute laminator for laminating. Avoid buying automatic flute laminator for a long time to laminate small batch, small specifications and uneven paper carton products.
  3. Brand. Generally speaking, choosing a brand is to choose a manufacturer and choose a large factory with large production scale and strong technical strength. Because the performance and quality of flute laminator is relatively stable and reliable, and after-sales service is also guaranteed, which can withstand the test of time and use.
  4. Type. Flute laminator has completely manual, simple structure, semi-automatic and automatic three types. The structure, performance and price of the different types of flute laminator are also very different. What type of flute laminator is selected for production depends mainly on the structure and characteristics of the factory products. Reasonable arrangement of suitable machines for production is beneficial to the improvement of production efficiency and quality.
  5. Specifications. The specifications of the Juxing Flute Laminator are relative to the length of the roller. In order to avoid the waste of adhesive, energy consumption and production cost, the factory should select flute laminator of different sizes in proportion in order to meet the requirements of high efficiency and reasonable production. Some factories are based on narrow-width products. In order to adapt the machine to large-size products, they purchased all large-size machines. They think that the purchase of large-size machines can be used for large or small products, which is adaptable.. In fact, this is not advisable.