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Die Cutting Machine Die Cutting Indentation Product Type

Die Cutting Machine Die Cutting Indentation Product Type

The products processed by die-cutting and indentation process have the following types:

(1) Three-dimensional products. After the cardboard and cardboard materials are processed by die-cutting and indentation, they are processed by hand or by box forming equipment to form forming paper packaging boxes or decorations of various shapes, such as cylinders, rectangles, squares, pyramids, polygons, etc. Shaped three-dimensional carton. This kind of three-dimensional paper packaging box is widely used in the packaging of various food, medicine, shoes and hats, electrical appliances, instruments and other commodities. The advantage of the three-dimensional carton is that it is beautiful in indium, which can effectively protect the goods, and play the role of anti-pressure and shock-proof for the products in the box. However, after the three-dimensional carton is formed, the volume is large, and the transportation and storage are inconvenient.

(2) Foldable products. After the paper or other products are processed by die-cutting and creasing, they are processed by hand or mechanically to make packaging boxes of various shapes. These boxes can be opened or folded, and are suitable for the needs of automatic packaging by packaging machinery. The advantages of the folding box are convenient processing, high output, and small volume after folding, which is convenient for storage and transportation. However, the shape of the folding box is simple, and it is only suitable for conventional products, while the special-shaped box is generally not suitable for making a folding box.

(3) Flat products. Various types, different specifications, different structures and shapes (such as square, rectangle, triangle, polygon, plum blossom, ellipse and other special shapes) trademarks, tags, etc., can be indented by die-cutting Method processing, which is characterized by flat type, single sheet use, and wide applicability.

(4) Book cover. The cover of the book is processed by indentation, and after bonding with the book block, it can be flat, firm, beautiful and durable.