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Automatic laminating machine needs to adjust the handover time of cavities
The automatic laminating machine belongs to the field of paper making machinery, in particular to a laminating machine for sticking two sheets of paper paste together, which is composed of a paper feeding mechanism, a paper picking mechanism and a paper pressing mechanism, and feeds paper. Two wind heads are arranged side by side on the mechanism, and an intermediate positioning mechanism is arranged on the paper picking mechanism to divide the paper picking mechanism into two paper feeding paths, and wing spring pieces are arranged on both sides of the paper picking mechanism, and the middle positioning mechanism is It consists of an intermediate positioning guide block and a lifting mechanism. So what are the details of the automatic laminating machine that need attention when working?
In our daily consumption, when the facial tissue is printed, the contact of each group of fangs is not allowed, which causes the facial tissue to be torn. When using the automatic laminating machine, it is easy to hit the paper into a curved or folded state during the paper feeding process. After the splicing, the paper will be misaligned with the corrugated cardboard. When such a situation occurs, we need to adjust the handover time of the cavities to avoid tearing the edges of the paper.
In addition, if the moisture content of the facial tissue is not suitable or the stacking is not neat, it is easy to curl the edge of the paper. At this time, the front working surface of the paper feeding chain of the automatic laminating machine is not in a straight contact push state with the edge of the paper, and in this case, the cardboard which is pasted will also make the paper obviously protrude from the corrugated cardboard. When cutting, the front paper will be inaccurate due to the easy bending of the convex paper, and the half-cut waste from the die cutting will also cause errors. This requires us to control the moisture content of the facial tissue to avoid the high moisture level and make it fall.